BEAMSHOT CT3 Military Grade Activation Long Switch, 15-Inch

Was: $19.00
Now: $17.00
  1. Flexible Connector: Durable PVC plastic molded exterior structure provides additional reinforcement
  2. Teflon FEP jacked: Copper braid shield; Teflon TFE insulation; Steel conductor
  3. Military Coaxial Cable: M17/172 - 00001 Mil-Spec coaxial cable constructed with braided copper shied and Teflon FEP outer jacket and insulation
  4. Pressure Pad Switch: Durable PVC plastic injection molded cover improves the strength and durability of this product (maximum 21lbs pull test protection)
  5. Works with all Beamshot laser sight including BS1000S, BS 1001U, GB800M, and GB1000.

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